Below is an excerpt from our standard contract which details the general insurance requirements.
It is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to be all inclusive.
Insurance requirements may vary depending on project requirements

SUBCONTRACTOR shall procure, carry and maintain insurance in companies with a Best’s rating of A:IX or better as follows:

a.  Worker's Compensation and Employer's Liability Insurance which shall extend to and comply with the worker's compensation laws of any state, district or territory of the United States in which the Subcontract Work is situated. Employer's Liability insurance shall have limits of not less than $500,000 for "bodily injury by accident – each accident"; $500,000 for "bodily injury by disease – each employee"; and $500,000 for "bodily injury by disease – policy limit".

b.  Commercial General Liability Insurance, occurrence based, with policy limits of not less than $1,000,000 as to each occurrence for Bodily Injury, Personal Injury, and Property Damage coverage with a General Aggregate, a Per Project Aggregate, and a Completed Operations Aggregate of not less than $2,000,000. Such policy or policies shall specify on the insurance certificate the effective dates of insurance with the date the certificate was issued; and name as additional insureds the CONTRACTOR, Decca Builders, Inc., Decca Management, Inc., Owner, Lender and their respective directors, officers and employees as additional insured; and shall include coverage for the following:

1)     Premises and Operations Liability;

2)     Contractual Liability including the obligations assumed by SUBCONTRACTOR in this subcontract;

3)     Completed Operations and Products Liability;

4)     Broad Form Property Damage Liability;

5)     Liability which Subcontractor may incur as a result of the operations. acts or omissions of its subcontractors, suppliers or materialmen, and their agents or employees;

6)     Explosion, Collapse, and Underground Hazards (x, c, u).

c.  Automobile Liability Insurance with limits of not less than $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit including owned, hired, and non-owned auto coverage.

d.  Before commencing any Work hereunder, SUBCONTRACTOR shall furnish CONTRACTOR certificates from approved insurance companies evidencing that all the foregoing insurance is in force and will not be canceled without thirty (30) days prior written notice to CONTRACTOR. SUBCONTRACTOR shall furnish a certificate of required coverages annually throughout the duration of this project.

e.  Such policy or policies shall be endorsed to stipulate that the insurance afforded for SUBCONTRACTOR shall be primary insurance and that any insurance carried by CONTRACTOR, OWNER and officers or employees shall be excess and not contributory insurance.

f.  The Certificates of Insurance shall include additional insured endorsements as set forth on ISO forms: CG2010 11/85; or CG2010 07/04 and CG2037 07/04; or CG2033 07/04 and CG2037 07/04; or manuscript equivalents that provide language including "arising out of" or "caused in whole or in part" and includes Completed Operations coverage.

g.  The requirement for carrying insurance hereunder shall not be in derogation of other provisions of this Subcontract, nor shall SUBCONTRACTOR'S indemnity obligations be limited to claims or amounts covered by insurance. Neither forbearance or omission of the CONTRACTOR to require proof of insurance from the SUBCONTRACTOR before permitting the SUBCONTRACTOR to proceed or continue with the Work, nor the transmittal of partial or full payment to the SUBCONTRACTOR, shall be deemed a waiver of the CONTRACTOR'S rights or release of the SUBCONTRACTOR'S obligations regarding the obligations to provide the insurance required in the Subcontract.

h.  If the General Contract specified or requires CONTRACTOR to carry any additional insurance, or if the General Contract requires higher limits of coverage than herein specified, SUBCONTRACTOR shall, at its expense, procure such additional or higher limits of insurance coverage to comply therewith.

Download the Subcontractor Qualification Form Here

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